To contact the chair/director of a ministry, please call the church office at 366-7002.
Ministry Chair/Director
Administrative Staff Pastor Jerry Young
Adult Small Group Sis. Jacqueline Mack
Assimilation/Outreach Sis. Isabella Evans
Audio Services Ministry Bro. Lenard Jenkins
Banner Ministry Sis. Warteen Griffin
Celebrate Recovery Sis. Jacqueline Mack
Children’s Ministry Sis. Avis Sutton Lloyd
Christian Education Sis. Jacqueline Mack
Couples Ministry
Courtesy Committee Sis. Gloria Jones
Deacon Bro. Willie McGriggs
Deaconess Sis. Brenda Patterson
Divorce Care Ministry
Drama Sis. Leona Bishop
Economic Development Committee Bro. Royal Walker
Education Awareness Sis. Michelle Bell Adams
Family Discipleship Sis. Jacqueline Mack
Family Enrichment Bro. Johnny Clayton
Grief Share Sis. Jacqueline Mack
Health Education Ministry Sis. Myrna A. Nickens
Laymen Bro. Alfred Briscoe
Membership/Visitation Bro. Wendall Paris
Music Sis. Gisele Gentgry
New Hope Christian Elementary Sis. Gerilynn Thomas
New Hope Christian Pre-School Sis. Helen Young
Pre-marital Ministry
Prison Ministry Bro. Alfred Briscoe
Senior Adult Ministry Sis. Isabella Evans
Singles Ministry Sis. Cenovia Burnes
Social/Civic/Political Sis. Charlene Priester
Sunday School Sis. Jacqueline Mack
Usher Sis. Carolyn Thigpen
Women(WMU) Sis. Ruth Patterson
Youth Bro. Charles Pepper

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